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Tamiya | Schuurspons - 600

Tamiya 87148 | Schuurspons - 600
Tamiya | Schuurspons - 600
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Attached to a flexible sponge base, the abrasive coat of this sanding sheet is well-suited for removing protrusions on plastic models and also finishing materials such as wood and metal. The sponge's flexibility allows even finishing of curved surfaces and hard-to-reach corners. This item can be easily cut into the desired shape/size using a modeling knife. Note: Suitable for wet sanding use. Choose from 4 different levels of abrasion. 400,600,1000,1500

  • Tamiya Sanding Sponge Sheet x1
  • Dimensions: 114 x 140mm
  • Abrasive material: Aluminum oxide
  • Sponge thickness: 5mm