Professionele Hobby Schuurvijltjes 6mm Fijn


Albion Alloys

6mm Professionele schuurvijl – Wit 240 | Wit 320 grit

Use the fine sanding files for the flawless finish you desire.  If you are working with delicate pieces such as polystyrene or resin parts the fine grit files give you plenty of control.  These files are specifically designed for levelling out vulnerable edges and can prevent excessive material loss during the final finishing stage of your project.

Available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse 10 packs.  These files are highly durable and reusable.  Files are 100% waterproof which is a great advantage since they can be used wet or dry. Coated on a tough Mylar backing, the abrasive will with stand bending and twisting without cracking or peeling.
These files are light weight multipurpose instruments.  The size and hooked end design allows any hobbyist to get into tight spaces and helps sand delicate and obscure project pieces.  Don’t settle for poor quality ungraded off cuts for your projects, demand the best!

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