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Mirage Hobby | RENAULT UE universal carrier

Mirage Hobby 354025 | RENAULT UE universal carrier
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Mirage Hobby | RENAULT UE universal carrier
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Lorraine 37L - French universal crawler tractor with the military during World War II. The vehicle was mainly used to transport ammunition and fuel tanks, but could also act as artillery. Vehicles Lorraine 37L, produced in 1939-1940, took part in the unsuccessful Battle of France. Many copies have been incorporated into the German Wehrmacht, where some of them were converted to self-propelled guns (including Marder I). The production of armored tractors, officially intended for use in forestry, resumed after the signing of the armistice in Compiegne in the unoccupied part of France, which lasted until 1942.

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Mirage Hobby | RENAULT UE universal carrier

Mirage Hobby-354025

Mirage Hobby 354025-RENAULT UE universal carrier