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MiniArt | GAZ-MM Mod. 1943 Cargo Truck

MiniArt-GAZ-MM Mod. 1943 Cargo Truck-MIN-35134
MiniArt | GAZ-MM Mod. 1943 Cargo Truck
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  • Model: MIN-35134
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The GAZ-MM truck for general use was produced on the basis of GAZ-AA truck but was stripped of everything that was not essential. Due to huge raw material shortages, the GAZ-MM was produced with only the most necessary parts. Due to the AA version the cabin was made of wood, the mudguards / running boards of welded steel, the bumpers, a head hose and the second rear axle were omitted and only the rear wheels were braked. Only the Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod plant produced the GAZ-MM trucks in the period 1941-1945. More than 138 thousand trucks were built there. From 1947 the new car factory Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod made the GAZ-MM trucks. In total, almost one million GAZ-AA and GAZ-MM were produced in various versions from 1932 onwards.