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Diorama Army -

Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35229
Sleeping bags, jerry cans and steel barrels to place on vehicles and tanks...
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35027
Various parts to construct barricades...
Ex Tax:4.38€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35028
Allows you to create different walls...
Ex Tax:4.34€
Brand: Asuka Model Model: ASU-35-L39
British jerry can set...
Ex Tax:9.88€
Brand: Asuka Model Model: ASU-35-L24
2 Browning M2 Machine Guns...
Ex Tax:10.29€
Brand: Hero Hobby Kits Model: HHK-E35005
6 U.S. and Allied steel Drums..
Ex Tax:5.17€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35186
During the Second World War, the German army relied on barrels and jerry cans to supply their units with gasoline and drinking water, respectively, which are depicted with this set. The barrels are equipped with the characteristic two protective belts in a realistic way and a centrally pla..
Ex Tax:7.02€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35111
Weapon set of the German infantry...
Ex Tax:4.26€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35315
Essential Equipment for Early-WWII German Vehicles  Jerry cans used by the German army featured a functional design. Early-type cans featured simple cross-shaped indentations for structural reinforcement while later types had more complex indentation patterns. Early-type cans were seen from ..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Hero Hobby Kits Model: HHK-E35006
8 Allied jerrycans en 4 U.S. jerrycans...
Ex Tax:5.17€
Brand: MiniArt Model: MIN-35253
For assemblage of 16 Panzerfaust 30 and 16 Panzerfaust 60 and the accompanying transport crates (8)...
Ex Tax:12.36€
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