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Model: TAM-35235
During WWII, many different variants of the Steyr Type 1500A/01 Kommandeurwagen were produced. Among them was a large 4-door version which featured a ..
Ex Tax:28.88€
Model: TAM-35301
The Citroën 11CV was produced from 1934 to 1957 and was one of France's best vehicles at that time. The lightweight monocoque body and the low center ..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Model: TAM-35354
- This highly-versatile and realistic set will make a great companion for models of German WWII armored cars, and AFVs from the Pz.Kpfw. II to the Kin..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Model: ITA-6546
The use of multiple rocket launchers by the German Armed Forces during World War II was quite extensive due to low cost and high efficiency of these a..
Ex Tax:16.90€
Model: TAM-35038
A set with WWII German soldiers with MG34 and MG42 machine guns. Features parts to make three different teams of gunner and loader, plus a commander w..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Armored Car BA-3 Mod. 1934
Berts daily special -20 %
Model: ZVE-3546
The BA-3 is a 10-wheeled heavy armored car, vintage 1934, mounting the T-26 turret with a 45mm gun -- less than 200 were made.  If yo..
13.79€ 17.25€
Ex Tax:11.40€
Close Combat. U.S. Tank Crew
Berts daily special -20 %
Model: MIN-35135
5 figures with armament, 4 men in defensive position and 1 man hanging on the handles of the machine gun, for example to place on the engine deck ..
9.96€ 12.45€
Ex Tax:8.23€
M3 Stuart Honey (British Version)
New Berts daily special -20 %
Model: AIR-1358
The British named the M3 "General Stuart" upon receipt of the tank under the Lend-Lease program in June of 1941. The tank's ability to "shoot and scoo..
19.15€ 23.95€
Ex Tax:15.83€
Magic Brushes Assorted
Hot Berts daily special -20 %
Model: FLE-MB05
15x Assorted Magic Brushes & Applicator Handlep.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 14.0px; font: 13.0px 'Open Sans'; -webki..
4.91€ 6.15€
Ex Tax:4.06€
Magic Red Extra Fine
Hot Berts daily special -20 %
Model: FLE-M929007
18x Red Extra Fine Magic Brushes & Applicator HandleMicro Fiber technology brings application of any liquid or powder to the next level.  Fingertip co..
4.91€ 6.15€
Ex Tax:4.06€
Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. B 'Stuka zu Fuss'
Berts daily special -20 %
Soviet 122-mm Ammunition
Berts daily special -20 %
Model: MIN-35068
A set of 122mm ammunition and their transportation crates. You can make either a BR-471 APHE shell and its corresponding crate or OF-471 High Ex..
8.20€ 10.25€
Ex Tax:6.78€
TACAM T-60 Romanian 76-mm SPG Interior Kit
Berts daily special -20 %
Model: MIN-35240
The TACAM T-60 (Tun Anticar pe Afet Mobil - Self-propelled Anti-tank Gun) was a Romanian tank destroyer used during World War II. It was built by remo..
39.95€ 49.95€
Ex Tax:33.02€
Wheatering Sponge Brush - Medium
Berts daily special -20 %
Model: TAM-87083
These specially designed sponge brushes allow extremely detailed weathering work using Tamiya's popular Weathering Master material. Resilient sponge ..
4.77€ 5.95€
Ex Tax:3.94€
Penseelset Gold-Taklon 9133
Hot Berts daily special -20 %
Model: PRI-9133
Met de Real Value serie zet Princeton Artist & Brush Co. een scherp geprijsde serie penselen neer voorzien van Taklon synthetische vezel. De scherpe p..
10.32€ 12.90€
Ex Tax:8.53€
Model: TAM-87125
Palettes are handy for mixing paints. Metal palettes are useful, but they require cleaning with thinner after each use. This PET plastic palette c..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Model: TAM-35302
The 3.7cm FLAK37 was one of the most important German anti-aircraft weapons during the Second World War. Each clip contained 6 rounds and the guns cou..
Ex Tax:29.71€
Model: TAM-35177
About the German 38cm Assault Mortar SturmtigerA very rare variant of the much feared Tiger I heavy tank, was the "Sturmtiger" assault weapon that..
Ex Tax:41.65€
Model: TAM-35229
Sleeping bags, jerry cans and steel barrels to place on vehicles and tanks...
Ex Tax:10.70€
Model: TAM-86505
The AS line-up of spray paints are specifically developed to provide the subtle shades necessary for finishing both historical and modern aircraft..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Model: MIN-35201
Wheels for Zis-6...
Ex Tax:18.97€
Model: MIN-35196
Wheels set for Zis-5 Truck...
Ex Tax:11.90€
Model: MIN-35052
The YA-12 light artillery tractors were developed by NATI Designers and launched at the Yaroslavskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod YaAZ-Yaroslav Automobile P..
Ex Tax:36.32€
Model: MIN-35042
Two Germans; Early war uniforms, one standing on passenger side step and seated driver. Fitted for Opel BlitzTwo Soviets; both drivers one for a steer..
Ex Tax:9.26€
Model: MIN-35235
Workable Track Links Set for Pz.III/IV Early Type...
Ex Tax:11.12€
Brand: AFV-Club Model: AFV-35155
Ex Tax:39.30€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35177
About the German 38cm Assault Mortar SturmtigerA very rare variant of the much feared Tiger I heavy tank, was the "Sturmtiger" assault weapon that..
Ex Tax:41.65€
Brand: Thunder Model Model: THU-35103
Bergerpanzer 38(t) was a recovery vehicle based on Hetzer’s base, with lower open-top superstructure, manufactured by BMM company in Prague. The plans..
Ex Tax:43.76€
Brand: Zvezda Model: ZVE-3539
The КV-1 Soviet heavy tank appeared during the first stage of World War II. It took the Wehrmacht’s soldiers and officers by surprise. The tank wa..
Ex Tax:22.27€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35041
1942: Struggling to contain the dashing Africa-Corps led by the inimitable Rommel, British troops in North Africa were feeling the loss of the mos..
Ex Tax:23.10€
Brand: Thunder Model Model: THU-35205
British Scammell Pioneer TRCU30 Trailer...
Ex Tax:26.41€
Brand: Italeri Model: ITA-315
The new German army made use of the experiences collected in World War I to realize their modern reconstruction based on motorization. In spite of..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Brand: Hero Hobby Kits Model: HHK-H35001
The VW Type 128 and 166 Schwimmwagen (literally Floating/Swimming Car) were amphibious four-wheel drive off-roaders, used extensively by German gr..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-35308
British forces used passenger car chassis, during WWII, as the basis for pick-up style military vehicles. Officially identified as a "Light Utilit..
Ex Tax:29.21€
Armored Car BA-3 Mod. 1934 Armored Car BA-3 Mod. 1934
Berts daily special -20 %
Brand: Zvezda Model: ZVE-3546
The BA-3 is a 10-wheeled heavy armored car, vintage 1934, mounting the T-26 turret with a 45mm gun -- less than 200 were made.  If yo..
13.79€ 17.25€
Ex Tax:11.40€
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