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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-87125
Palettes are handy for mixing paints. Metal palettes are useful, but they require cleaning with thinner after each use. This PET plastic palette can be disposed of after each use, thus allowing the modeller to save both time and money. Each palette plate has 15 wells, including 9 round (Dia.:..
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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35302
Het 3.7cm FLAK37 was één van de belangrijkste Duitse luchtafweerwapens tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Elke clip bevatte 6 rondes en het geschut zou een maximum van 160 rondes per minuut af kunnen vuren of 80 rondes per minuut bij een normale snelheid. De FLAK37 werd op veel fronten ingezet om het l..
Excl. BTW:29,71€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35177
About the German 38cm Assault Mortar SturmtigerA very rare variant of the much feared Tiger I heavy tank, was the "Sturmtiger" assault weapon that mounted a gigantic 38cm caliber mortar on the tank chassis. Development was initiated in August 1943 and was intended for uses against heavily fo..
Excl. BTW:41,65€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35229
Slaapzakken, jerrycans en stalen vaten om op en aan voertuigen en tanks te plaatsen...
Excl. BTW:10,70€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-86505
The AS line-up of spray paints are specifically developed to provide the subtle shades necessary for finishing both historical and modern aircraft models. The paint is made up of a synthetic acrylic lacquer that cures in a short period of time. Each can contains 100ml of paint, which is enou..
Excl. BTW:9,50€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-61111
De Avro Lancaster van de RAF was tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog een van de belangrijkste zware bommenwerpers. Onder de vele varianten waren de Mk.III "Dambuster" en Mk.I "Grand Slam Bomber" het best bekend. De 'Dambuster' werd aangepast om dammen in Duitsland aan te vallen. Het vliegtuig was uitgeru..
Excl. BTW:89,21€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35287
About the B1 bis (German Army) After their conquest of France in 1940, the German Army took many captured French vehicles and AFVs and converted them for their own use. One such example was the Char B1 bis tank, which featured modifications such as a cupola with split hatch covers, concrete block..
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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35027
Diverse onderdelen om barricades te construeren...
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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-74067
Adding photo-etched parts is one of the best ways to give your model a professional-level finish, ensuring that it stands out from the pack. However, we all know that working with stainless metal parts can be trickier than with standard plastic parts. Tamiya is offering the following 3 craft..
Excl. BTW:30,54€
Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-74084
These bending pliers are perfect for small photo-etched parts which have no identifiable bending lines. The flat tip of these pliers will give any modeler peace of mind as even if the PE parts are held firmly, they will not be scratched. When bending PE parts at right angles, sometimes the b..
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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-74117
Unlike standard tweezers, these have been designed specifically for the job of picking up and bending the very fine parts found in photo etched parts sets. With a number of photo etched parts sets now available in the Tamiya line-up, and some kits even including them right out of the box, th..
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Merk: Tamiya Artikelnr.: TAM-35028
Geeft je de mogelijkheid om verschillende muren te creëren...
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