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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-326
The ubiquitous jeep is perhaps the most all-round vehicle ever constructed. Because it xas ruggedly built and thus able to traverse most types of terrain without suffering structural damage, one of the task assigned to the jeep was that of ambulance service...
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6546
Het gebruik van meerdere raketwerpers door de Duitse strijdkrachten tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog was vrij uitgebreid vanwege de lage kosten en de hoge efficiëntie van deze wapensystemen. Het grootste ongemak van deze voertuigen was schaarse mobiliteit die hen kwetsbaar maakte voor vijandelijke teg..
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15 cm. Panzerwerfer 42 auf sWS
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6562
De Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper (sWS) is ontwikkeld als een medium half-track en werd gebruikt voor het vervoer van voorraden naar frontlinie-troepen of als trekker voor de lichte artillerie. Het grote achterste laadcompartiment maakte het echter ook geschikt voor ander operationeel gebruik. De ..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-201
This vehicle, designed for all arms and services, has a standard 2650 l tank mounted. It is mainly used to supply frontline troops with drinking water, but found extensive use in post war times with fire departments and other civilian tasks..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-229
For the supply of front line troops or in maneuvers activities trailers were hauled by GMC 2 ½ ton trucks or water trucks as well as Dodge Command cars or even by Ambulance Trucks. These trailers standard equipment of the U.S. Army and its allies...
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6497
Fiat 508 “Balilla” is the most popular car produced in Italy in the thirties. In June 1937, the new “Balilla” 508C, equipped with a 4 cylinders engine of 1.100 cc., has been introduced on the car market. Furthermore, the new 508C has been used as platform for the development of vehicles for military..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-315
The new German army made use of the experiences collected in World War I to realize their modern reconstruction based on motorization. In spite of the limitations of the Treaty of Versailles able commanders introduced civilian vehicles into the army, thus creating a motorized mentality. In 1940 alre..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6543
The Fiat M-14/41 medium tank was used by the Italian Regio Esercito armored Brigades from 1941 to 1943. It was a slightly improved version of the earlier M-13/40 using the same chassis and the same main armament formed by the 47/32 gun located in the turret. Even the secondary armament was ..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-320
Much work was carried out in the USA and Britain to design special airborne vehicles to drop behind the enemy lines. Willys MB-Jeeps engaged in helping the Infantry by clearing snipers and other commando tasks. Generally manned by a sergeant and a trooper this vehicle was modified in many respects. ..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6517
During the Second World War the German Army relied quite heavily on horse-drawn transportation to supply its units, the reason being that industry was unable to produce a sufficient number of vehicles. These wagons were used on all fronts, from the early days of the conflict right up to th..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-6531
Born on the reliable and proven Panzerkampfwagen 38t light tank chassis, the Hetzer was set in the second half of 1943 to equip the German Army with a light tank destroyer more cost effective than the bigger and heavier Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger. The main features of the project were : a low profile..
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Merk: Italeri Artikelnr.: ITA-313
As the Volkswagen 82 (Kubelwagen) proved very successful during the campaign in Poland, it was necessary to produce everincreasing numbers of this vehicle. Later, Ferdinand Porsche developed an amphibian version of this car, called the Schwimmwagen. The light weight of this vehicle (about ..
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