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Brand: Xuron Model: XUR-2175ET
Designed for scale modelers by a scale modeler! Longer, low profile cutting jaws easily reach into tight, confined spaces while the Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting action leaves smooth, clean cuts without pinching or damaging the delicate part.A "must have" tool for every master modeler.&nbs..
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Brand: Xuron Model: XUR-489
Features one round tip and one flat tip for easy bending, forming and looping - all with one plier.Ergonomically designed non-slip grips and return spring offer exceptional control and comfort...
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Brand: Xuron Model: XUR-575
Unique forming blades shape wire and light gauge strips of brass and aluminum.Ergonomically designed and featuring Xuron's Light-Touch™ return spring and non-slip Xuro-Rubber™ handle grips for comfort and control...
Ex Tax:17.31€
Brand: Xuron Model: XUR-918ET
Xuron's solution for easy, safe and damage free removal of photo-etched parts.As photo-etched parts become smaller and more detailed it is important to have the proper tool for removing them from the fret. The 9180ET's long, thin, ultra sharp tip easily cuts delicate PE without bending, pinching or ..
Ex Tax:23.93€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74084
These bending pliers are perfect for small photo-etched parts which have no identifiable bending lines. The flat tip of these pliers will give any modeler peace of mind as even if the PE parts are held firmly, they will not be scratched. When bending PE parts at right angles, sometimes the b..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74093
This Modeler's Side Cutter is designed for use with plastic parts and is ideal for scale models and Mini 4WD products assembly. The cutter's blades are made with hardened carbon steel and will remain sharp for a long period of time...
Ex Tax:15.66€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74068
Adding photo-etched parts is one of the best ways to give your model a professional-level finish, ensuring that it stands out from the pack. However, we all know that working with stainless metal parts can be trickier than with standard plastic parts. Tamiya is offering the following 3 cra..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74035
This precision side cutter has thin, pointed blades, and is ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from sprue. The blades are made from quality chrome-vanadic alloy, and are hand-finished for optimum sharpness...
Ex Tax:38.80€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74123
This tool is designed to remove scale model plastic parts from the parts sprue. The sharp jaw blades offer an excellent cutting edge, and they have a slightly slimmer jaw than previous Tamiya plastic cutter products, enabling easier removal of smaller parts which have less clearance.Leng..
Ex Tax:42.93€
Side Cutter for Plastic - Alpha Yellow
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-69937
This versatile and long-lasting set of side cutters will be a great long-term addition to your tool kit, and is now available with handles in yellow. Carbon tool steel blades give a superlative cutting edge...
Ex Tax:15.66€
Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-74001
This is a precision side cutter for removing parts from sprue without damaging them. Developed exclusively for plastic modeling, the impact resistant chrome vanadic alloy material was chosen for long life. High quality vinyl covering assures good grip...
Ex Tax:31.36€
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