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Mirage Hobby | 37mm 'BOFORS' wz 36 anti tank gun

Mirage Hobby 35212 | 37mm BOFORS wz 36 anti tank gun
Mirage Hobby | 37mm 'BOFORS' wz 36 anti tank gun
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  • Model: MIR-35212
  • Scale: 1:35
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Anti-tank gun wz. 36 is the Polish version of the Swedish 37mm anti-tank gun by Bofors. Experiences from fights in 1939 showed that the cannon was a very effective weapon. The small dimensions made it possible to hide the cannon quickly and easily, and the firepower was sufficient to destroy all types of tanks involved in the aggression against Poland. The gun penetrated 40 mm of armor from a distance of 100 meters. The low weight of the gun made it extremely mobile. Due to these advantages, this weapon enjoyed a very good reputation among Polish soldiers. Unfortunately, 1939 was one of the last years in which this cannon presented high combat value. The next tank models were getting bigger and better armored and the time of small caliber anti-tank guns was coming to an end.

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