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MiniArt | British Tank Crew. Winter Uniform

MiniArt 35121 | British Tank Crew. Winter Uniform
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MiniArt | British Tank Crew. Winter Uniform
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The British/Commonwealth tankies of WWII wore the same basic temperate uniform as other troops, the Battledress, supplemented by various items of protective clothing. Later in the war (Sept 1944) the issue of the tan coloured ‘Oversuit, Tank Crews’ became widespread (more popularly called the ‘Pixie Suit’). Later in the war a rarely seen 'Oversuit, Tank Crew, Camouflaged’ was introduced although production only lasted a short time, reverting back to tan post war. It seems finding a photo of the camouflaged Pixie Suit in service is one of the holy grails of modelling although we know they existed; I have several photo’s of the uniform from collectors. For really poor weather crew still had available the practical and warm ‘Jerkin, Leather’; a left over from the first war.

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