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MiniArt | Soviet Limber 52-R-353M Mod. 1942

MiniArt 35115 | Soviet Limber 52-R-353M Mod. 1942
MiniArt | Soviet Limber 52-R-353M Mod. 1942
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During WWII Soviet artillery was towed by both horse drawn and mechanical and transport. In 1942 production began of the Universal Limber 52-R-353M Model 42 that was intended for 76.2 mm regimental and divisional artillery. The limber, by fitting with extended draw pole and leading bar, could be towed by four horses with the gun in turn towed by the limber. Removal of the draw pole meant that any number of vehicles could tow the limber and gun subject to their towing capacity. Two horses could tow the limber alone, providing an extra 24 rounds of 76.2mm ready ammunition in sliding drawers ( six drawers of four each) and pictures show two limbers being towed together to double this capacity.

The layout was simple; an ammunition compartment with rear door, sat on a single axle fitted with wheels and tyres typical of the period; these also used on the GAZ AA/AAA/MM series of trucks, BA6/BA10 armoured cars, field kitchens and several towed artillery pieces including the ZIS-2 and ZIS-3. Two soldiers could be carried seated on the ammunition compartment and foot boards and rails were fitted for safety. A short draw pole was fitted with a towing eye for vehicles and a longer extended draw pole added to make room for horses. A towing hook was fitted at the rear to enable attachment to the gun, or another limber.

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