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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-25422
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 16.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #222222; background-color: #ffffff} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}Destruction of Force ZForce Z was a British naval squadron during the Second World War, consisting of..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-31806
About the Battle Cruiser Hood & E Class DestroyersBuilt in May 1920, the British Battle Cruiser Hood featured a displacement of 48,360t. Flagship of the Royal Navy, for close to 20 years she was recognized as one of the world's largest warships. On May 23rd, 1941, the Hood was accompanied by the..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-31617
Ship model on waterline.From the time of its building, the British Battle Cruiser Repulse was the one of the most aesthetically pleasing warships made. During WWI, the light armored battle cruiser had high speed and an offensive ability and took a leading role in sea offensives. In August, 1916 the ..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-31615
A Piece of Naval HistoryThe British Battleship Prince of Wales was the second ship of the King George V class. Soon after her completion in March 1941, she was involved in the historic hunt for the German battleship Bismarck. In October she was deployed to South-East Asia to fortify the important Br..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-05792
Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp was one of six Type 1936 destroyers built for the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in the late 1930s. Completed a few months before the start of World War II in September 1939, the ship served as a flagship throughout her career. She briefly pat..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-05790
Z28 German destroyer. Z28 was one of fifteen Type 1936A destroyers built for the Kriegsmarine (Germany Navy) during World War II. Built as a flotilla leader with fewer guns than her sister ships, she was completed in 1941. The ship spent most of the first..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-05791
Z-37 German DestroyerZ37 was a Type 1936A (Mob) destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine during World War II. Completed in 1942, the ship spent most of her brief career deployed in France. She participated in the Battle of the Bay of Biscay at the end of 1943..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-05793
Z7 Hermann Schoemann was a Type 1934A-class destroyer built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine in the mid-1930s. The ship was plagued by machinery problems for most of her life and was under repair when World War 2 began in September 1939. She covered her si..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-06713
HMS Ark Royal (pennant number 91) was an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy that served during the Second World War.Designed in 1934 to fit the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, Ark Royal was built by Cammell Laird at B..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-06717
HMS Nelson (pennant number: 28) was the name ship of her class of two battleships built for the Royal Navy in the 1920s. They were the first battleships built to meet the limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. Entering service in 1927, t..
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Brand: Trumpeter Model: TRU-06718
HMS Rodney was built under the restrictions of the 1922 Washington Treaty. The standard displacement of new battleships was limited to 35,000 tons. Her design was marked by a number of curious compromises imposed by the Washington Fleet Treaty. The 16-inch (406-mm) guns were the battleship's main ar..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-77510
Completed in 1941 as the third Yorktown-class carrier and the U.S. Navy's eighth carrier overall, the Hornet took part in many operations before succumbing to enemy attack in the South Pacific in 1942. She is most famous for acting as the base for the Doolittle Raid in April 1942, launching B-25 bom..
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