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Brand: ICM Model: ICM-48102
Probably the most famous fighter of WWII was German Messerschmitt Bf 109...
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61053
The Bristol Beaufighter was a versatile aircraft used by the Royal Air Force for a number of roles during WWII. This kit may be assembled as either a Mk.VI fighter version or a Mk.VI Coastal Command version. The short nose, thick wings, and angled horizontal stabilizers are all accurately re..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61062
Nicknamed "The Wooden Wonder" due to its nearly all-wood construction, the de Havilland Mosquito was initially conceived as a fast, unarmed bomber and went on to serve in that and many other roles during WWII. This kit depicts the NF Mk.II nightfighter and FB Mk.VI fighter-bomber variants wh..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61073
Originally designed as a carrier-borne attack aircraft, the Skyraider eventually had a distinguished career which spanned over thirty years. The A-1J variant which was introduced in 1956 equipped the U.S. Air Force, which employed it as an escort for search and rescue helicopters as well as in the n..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61095
In 1944, as the U.S. began their long range strategic bombing campaign in earnest with heavily-armed B-17 and B-24 bombers, the Luftwaffe developed the specialized 'bomber-killer' R2 variant of the Fw190 A-8. The Focke-Wulf Fw190 was one of the Luftwaffe's best front-line fighters of WWII. Of all th..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61041
Among the many variants of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 that were produced during WWII, the D-9 is one of the most recognized. It entered service in September 1944 and was notable for its switch from the previous radial engine to a liquid-cooled V-12 engine for even higher performance. This kit acc..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61104
In the latter half of WWII, the Luftwaffe Focke-Wulf Fw190 F series were the main aircraft used for air-to-ground assaults. The F-8, which entered the fray from the spring of 1944, was based on the A-8 aircraft and had the largest production numbers among the F series variants. The F-9 which had a s..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61037
The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 served alongside the Messerschmitt Bf 109 to defend Germany from the mid stages of WWII to the end of the war. This kit reproduces the A-3 variant of the Fw 190, which outclassed the RAF's Spitfire Mk.V when it entered service. The aircraft's characteristic radial engin..
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Brand: ICM Model: ICM-48263
A Heinkel He 111 was a bomber that was used by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War and World War II and served on all fronts. It was the backbone of the German bomber fleet. The prototype first flew in February 1935 and was developed under the guise of a cargo plane to meet the require..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61097
As the situation became more desperate for the German forces near the end of WWII, a call was made for a new inexpensive jet fighter that would be simple to produce and fly. In the amazingly short span of 3 months from drawing board to first flight of the prototype, Heinkel produced the smal..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61057
The He 219 was arguably the Luftwaffe's best nightfighter during WWII and was notable for an extraordinary debut mission in June 1943 when a prototype shot down five RAF Lancaster bombers. This kit depicts the final production variant, the A-7, which was equipped with DB 603G engines for imp..
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Brand: Tamiya Model: TAM-61113
The Ilyushin Il-2 Shuturmovik was the Russian military's main ground-attack aircraft during WWII. It was so important to the Russian war effort that Joseph Stalin personally intervened to ensure a high rate of its production. Over 36,000 examples were built by the end of the war, making it the most ..
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