AFV-CLUB M3A3 with PaK 40 New
The M3A3 with 7.5 cm Pak 40 used in Yugoslavia...
Ex Tax: 41.28€
AFV-CLUB Churchill Mk.IV Carpet Layer (Type B) Twin Bobbins New
The Churchill Mk.IV is equipped with a carpet layer to facilitate the landing of vehicles on, for ex..
Ex Tax: 41.28€
Tamiya German Kfz. 1/20 K2s Schwimmwagen New
This model kit re-creates the Schwimmwagen! The actual vehicle was an amphibious design vehicle that..
Ex Tax: 10.70€
Zvezda Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76 1943 UZTM New
The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958. It was the world's best tank when the S..
Ex Tax: 20.54€
Zvezda German Tank Destroyer Elefant New
The Elefant (German for "elephant") was a heavy Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer) used by German Wehrmacht..
Ex Tax: 26.82€
Tamiya AS-5 Light Blue (Luftwaffe) - 100ml Spray Can -20%
The AS line-up of spray paints are specifically developed to provide the subtle shades necessary fo..
11.50€ 9.20€
Ex Tax: 7.60€
Tamiya Fine Surface Primer L - Light Gray 180ml Spray Can -20%
Tamiya Fine Surface Primer is ideal for preparing your plastic model parts made of ABS and Styrene..
13.95€ 11.16€
Ex Tax: 9.22€
Tamiya Fine Surface Primer L - Oxide Red -20%
This Oxide Red primer is perfect for applying an undercoat to AFV models such as tanks. It can be ..
15.75€ 12.61€
Ex Tax: 10.42€
Tamiya Lacquer Thinner 250ml -20%
A diluted lacquer thinner that is "plastic friendly", causing minimal damage to plastic models. Ca..
11.50€ 9.20€
Ex Tax: 7.60€
Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer 40ml -20%
In order to smooth over small scratches etc., many modelers have created their own liquified putty ..
6.80€ 5.45€
Ex Tax: 4.50€
Tamiya 38cm Assault Mortar Sturmtiger Out Of Stock
About the German 38cm Assault Mortar SturmtigerA very rare variant of the much feared Tiger I heav..
Ex Tax: 41.65€
This handy file set contains 3 double-cut files with black rubber grips which provide a smooth fini..
Ex Tax: 7.40€
Tamiya German 3Ton 4x2 Cargo Trk Out Of Stock
About the 3Ton 4x2 Cargo TruckThe German army in WWII used a wide variety of wheeled vehicles as p..
Ex Tax: 35.74€
Adhesive in gel form so that it does not run out. Can be used for photo-etched, metal and resin part..
Ex Tax: 4.75€
Providing Punch to the Last-Gasp German Effort Equipped with a long, powerful L/70 7.5cm anti-tan..
Ex Tax: 47.52€
PE35062Tiger I Early VersionFor TAMIYA 35275VoyagerModel Sets are always provided with a manual and ..
Ex Tax: 20.62€
PE35381WWII British light utility car 10HPFor TAMIYA 35308VoyagerModel Sets are always provided with..
Ex Tax: 6.57€
PE35105Char BI-bis with Narrow FendersFor TAMIYA 35282VoyagerModel Sets are always provided with a m..
Ex Tax: 12.36€
PE35104Char BI-bis with Wide FendersFor TAMIYA 35282VoyagerModel Sets are always provided with a man..
Ex Tax: 12.36€
PE35240WWII Citroen Traction 11CV Staff CarFor TAMIYA 35301VoyagerModel Sets are always provided wit..
Ex Tax: 5.08€